Why us?

We already know how damaging plastic straws can be, but a common misconception surrounds another alternative- Paper straws.

These plastic alternatives are equally damaging.  Whilst biodegradable, the impact of their production also contributes to significant environmental harm-

  • Toxic chemicals used to refine the raw materials.
  • 51% more global warming gases produced than plastic production.
  • 50 times higher level of water pollution created from coatings, colouring and bleaches.
  • 4 times more raw materials used to produce paper than plastic.
  • 70% more air pollution produced than the production of plastic bags

Aside from the environmental impact, paper straws perform poorly.  Our straws-

  • Don’t become soggy after saturation.
  • Don’t taint the flavour of your favourite beverage
  • Are completely harmless to the environment
  • Chemical and toxin free.